You live here. You’re the expert.

We are conducting research across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and we want to speak with local community members about their lives and perspectives. All participants will receive $20 as thanks for their time.

What does “rural” mean to you?

What do you like about where you live?

What is challenging? What feels unfair?

What is working?

Research conversations last about an hour, and any information you provide is confidential. Your reflections will be used to develop policy reports, journal articles, and research publications on rural / Native community members’ needs, well-being, and access to services.

The information you share will also be used to help local organizations evaluate the services they offer and respond to the issues that community members prioritize.


Contact Us:

Call Michele Statz or Jon Bredeson at 218-726-6069 to ask questions or to schedule a research conversation. You can also use the form here to contact us, or email Michele directly at

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